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We are not a big paint brush company but I have been painting Hot Rod's  and Classic car's for over 35 years  I have used a lot of the paint brushes out there and thought I could build a better paint brush.  Every artist that used my brush liked it and wanted one. We wanted great artist to test the brush.  The artist that tested for us were...... Al ( Brush ) Battista... Mark ( Fat Daddy ) Hagstrom ... Donnie Strother... Jason ( Shamrocker ) Naughton... Dick ( Thin Man  Crawford... Jeremy Kemp and local Tennessee artist Don ( Duck ) McDonald... Allen ( AC ) Clouse.   Sept 2008 we offered  the Chico pinstriping brush to all artist.  The Chico brush is easy to use and good for the new artist to learn the art of pinstriping. we hope the Chico brush will become your favorite brush.............................   Henry ( Chico ) Clemons. 
Henry ( Chico ) Clemons                  
Jason ( Shamrocker ) Naughton 
                           Al ( Brush ) Battista 
                              Donnie Strother 
  Mark ( Fat Daddy ) Hagstrom 
                                                      Jeremy Kemp        
                  Richard ( Thin Man )Crawford  
                        Jack Lindenberger                  
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